be part of a brand new shopping experience in chaguanas

Homegrown is a unique shopping experience created by the NCIC as a weekly event to allow local farmers, crafters, artisans, cooks and creatives from across Trinidad and Tobago to showcase their talents.

Promoting Local products, skills and talent

The NCIC Homegrown Farmers and Artisans Market is a Hub, a hub where local products, skills and talents can come together and be showcased.

The main objectives of the NCIC Homegrown Farmers and Artisans Market are:
1. Foster the Entrepreneurial Spirit by creating an avenue for local micro, small and medium sized growers, artisans, and producers to market their goods and products to the community
2. Build our Community – Create a space that facilitates socialization, education, entertainment, and community building
3. Facilitate easy access to fresh, locally produced, high quality goods and products for the national community
4. Educate and Encourage healthy lifestyles, by emphasizing on the use and benefits of chemical free produce, and eco – friendly circular farming. 

NCIC Home Grown

Conveniently located at the NCIC Divali Nagar Compound on the Narsaloo Ramaya Marg Road

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